Samuel Littley Passionate about programming and theatre

Don't Buy Me Stuff

If you were thinking of buying me a gift, please don’t.

Over time I have accumulated many things I do not need or use. I’m in a very fortunate position: I have a stable job, and I can afford to buy the things I need or want myself. To that end, I politely request that people do not buy me stuff.

Instead, I follow the lead of a good friend of mine, and request that you simply do something nice for somebody else, or donate to a charity or non-profit of your choice (I personally support Anthony Nolan, Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation, but you should donate to any charity you choose)

Once you have done that, write me a card or a letter. Tell me what you did, or who you donated to (and why). Tell me a story about us. Tell me of a memory that we share. Give me some advice. Tell me what you really think of me ;).