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On many things...

On… is a free domain I obtained as part of the Github Student Developer Pack. I was quite quick to add it as a domain alias for my Google Apps account, but have only just got round to setting it up with an actual website.

On Jekyll, and Github pages… is hosted on Github pages, which runs on Jekyll. Most of my content is written in Markdown, which Jekyll then builds into HTML pages. The theme is Poole/Lanyon.

On writing a CV… now hosts my CV. I’ve just spent nearly 2 hours writing up my CV (amongst other distractions), and it is now close to midnight. Much of that time was spent trawling through my calendar and writing up all the theatre experience I have. Whilst I love theatre, and will continue to do it for as long as I am at Oxford, it is probably the case that this information will be defunct once I leave and get a real job.

On writing at the start of 3 paragraphs in a row… is a… Ooops. Probably shouldn’t have done that again. s/3/4/